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Design & Manufacture

Product design can start at any time and in any place! From taking inspiration from classic architecture, to stumbling across a concept whilst talking about 'what to have for dinner'! There is no formula, we are simply open to ideas.

When an idea is forming we start to make sketches on notepads or scraps of paper... coffee receipts have been used in the past. Many of our scraps of paper go no further than that, they get tucked away in the pile of 'not quite right' or 'not just yet'. Those that excite us enough make the next stage of drafting an outline in our CAD software.

Whilst creating the design on computer we refine the proportions and the subtle details that make our products stand out. Through this process we often generate significant numbers of versions as we tune and refine the design. Only when we are satisfied do we send the outline to our manufacturer.

One of the most exciting times is seeing our product for the first time. Having an idea, creating a concept, drawing it and then seeing it come to life is a fabulous feeling. At this stage we take our time to 'live' with the product. This process gives us time to evaluate more clearly what we have created. It lets the initial excitement wash away and leaves us with a real view of the product. Simply, do we remain in love with it? If we don't, it's back to the drawing board.

We believe that the quality of every item used in our products is of equal importance. You will discover that we use high-quality 6mm glass for our mirrors, which ensures that the reflection is clear, true and does not distort (a problem that is all too common). For the back boards we use high quality Farrow and Ball paint to create a contemporary finish.  

You can easily hang symmetrical mirrors in either landscape or portrait positions using the chain and fixings supplied. We have designed this to allow the chain to be hidden or exposed in multiple configurations, according to your personal preference.

When we have inspected each product and are satisfied with our quality controls, we carefully package and transport your mirror in our specially designed and tested packaging to ensure that it reaches you in perfect condition.